St John's C of E Primary School

School Development Plan

School improvement is what we all do every day at St John’s. It is a continuous process.   Each year we put together a school improvement plan which we call our School Development Plan (SDP) which has 6 or 7 key targets for the next academic year along with other areas to develop to develop our school.  We choose our target areas by gathering information from a variety of sources. These include external evaluations of our work by OFSTED and the Local Authority, alongside our own extensive and detailed self-evaluation processes – our data analysis, staff appraisal processes, lesson observations, pupil progress meetings and surveys of children, parents and staff.  The targets draw on discussions Governors have had in our various Full Governing Body and Committee meetings.  The targets often also reflect the national agenda for education.

School Self-evaluation may lead to the plan being amended during the year.

Each subject leader within our school has a subject action plan which supports the School Development Plan as well as making sure that all areas of learning are focused on regardless of whether they are a priority or not.

Our training plan for the year reflects our school improvement priorities.  Staff training is crucial to school improvement and we invest lots of time and resources in supporting staff. Well trained and developed staff become outstanding practitioners which results in outstanding progress and achievement for our children.