St John's C of E Primary School

Parents as Partners

We are committed to working in close partnership with parents/carers and families throughout their time at St John’s to ensure they are involved in their child’s education and feel supported by the school. We communicate with parents/carers in a variety of ways such as parents forum to discuss improving the school, parent drop in's to discuss their child’s progress and attainment and through other methods to ensure clear communication such as newsletters, PTA meetings and other events.


Reviewing Children's Work
Literacy and maths books are sent home each half term to provide the opportunity for all parents (including those parents that work) to spend time reviewing their child’s work and celebrating their successes. When pupils take their books home for the weekend, please remember to return them on the Monday. 

Parent PTA
The PTA at St John’s is currently thriving with parents raising funds through Christmas and summer fairs, quiz evenings, discos and by providing refreshments at school events.

Parent Volunteers and Working Parties
St John’s welcomes parental volunteers to help with a wide range of activities around the school such as parent readers, school trips, curriculum enrichment and school grounds working parties. 

If you are interested in any of these areas or you feel you have other skills that may of benefit to the school please make yourself known to the school via a class teacher or the school office.