St John's C of E Primary School

Christian Learning

St John’s Church of England Primary School is a Voluntary Aided school. This means that the teaching of RE is given significant importance. Governors of the school have adopted the Southwark Board of Education’s syllabus which is taught in each class by the class teachers, from Reception to Year Six.

In order to allow the children to have the opportunity to explore deeper questions about life and to learn about Christianity, alongside a wide range of other faiths and cultures, at St John’s RE is core subject Further to this, we allocate 10% curriculum time (a full afternoon) to the subject. 

Please see our RE policy for further information

 Children's Faith Group

On Thursday 2nd November, the Children’s Faith Team at St John’s Church of England Primary School had a special visit from the Faith Team at Nutfield Church Primary School. On 29th November, St John’s Faith Team visited the Faith Team at Nutfield Church

The purpose of the visits was to share the Christian values of the school and to see how the two schools were similar and how they differ.

Both visits included guided tours of the school where they were shown reflection tables (where children leave and display their prayers), RE displays and they even shared their learning in RE.

At St John’s, our Christian values play a very important role in how we live our lives both in and out of school.

We hope that the children of Nutfield Church had an insight into the importance of our values and how strongly we believe in them.

Well done to the children for working so wonderfully together. We were very proud of you all. Your manners and conduct were fantastic!