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St Johns Caterham

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Our Vision & Values

Striving for Excellence and Enjoyment in Learning

Guided by our Christian Values 

Our vision reflects our overarching aims, ethos and values. We would like our vision to inspire further progress and developments in the future.

  • To be an inclusive, caring, Christian community
  • To provide a safe, happy and friendly environment which encourages all to achieve their potential through a desire for excellence, using challenging, active and creative learning
  • To develop independence, new skills, new knowledge and an enquiring mind
  • To provide a ‘next generation’ learning environment that promotes new technology for stimulating learning and advancing skills.
  • To promote communal responsibility for the local and global environment

Our Christian school community is guided by a set of six lead Christian Values.  Our lead Christian Values are supported by a family of supporting values that guide and permeate everything we do and in all that we teach our children. Our Christian ethos is at the heart of the school, with pupils’ learning influenced by key Christian Values.

We also “promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”, as defined by Department for Education.  These fundamental British values help develop suitable social behaviour and educate pupils in the principles of respectful and courteous behaviour, the importance of rules and social order, responsibility and democracy.

Each term the children learn more about our Christian Values, with a particular emphasis on the fundamental British values.  These values play a positive role in pupils’ development and are taught across every lesson and are developed through daily activities at school. E.g. through social interaction, personal responsibility, Collective Worships, celebrations of different faiths and through links with the local community. 

Click here for Value Timetable.

Learning & Thinking Skills

Our curriculum is broad and engaging and is enhanced by a strong learning culture in which children are taught six essential Learning and Thinking skills in order to become lifelong learners.

Click here for further information about the leaning and thinking skills which will help children become excellent learners.

Children receive the support they need to become engaged, independent and successful learners from our team of dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff. Pupils at St John’s are celebrated for their achievements and their successes are recognised and rewarded. In return we expect all our children to be motivated, to make progress every day and to follow our clear behaviour policy.