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Infant Sports Day Arrangements

Infant Sports Day - Thursday 22nd June 2017 from 9:30 am

We would like to invite you to come and watch our Infant Sports Day.

It is planned for the event to start at approximately 9:30 am (after the children have got changed in to their PE kits and been organised in to their groups).  It should be finished by approximately 11.30 am. 

Children should come to school with their PE kit and trainers or plimsolls and should wear a t-shirt (no strappy tops or football strips please) the same colour as their House Team (or normal PE  t-shirt) and shorts of the same colour (if they have them).

Please ensure they are not wearing earrings or other items of jewellery.

Pupils will also need a named water bottle.  Lunch arrangements will be as normal.

If the weather is hot, children will need a hat and be wearing sunscreen. If the weather is cold, please ensure a sweater is brought in.

In the interests of child protection, we ask that you only photograph your own child and that you do not upload any photographs onto any social media site.

 Thank you.