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Christian Learning (7 images)

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Caught Reading - Nov 2016 (3 images)

The school recently launched a “Caught Reading” initiative which is all about raising the profile of the enjoyment of reading. Children who are “Caught Reading” during their breaks and lunchtimes receive a raffle ticket. Every two weeks two separate raffles are drawn for the infants and juniors and the winners receive a £5 book token.

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St John’s Mini World Cup Netball Tournament (3 images)

In July, St John’s held their annual Netball Tournament. Thirty children were placed into five teams: England, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland and Malta. Each team played four games and the USA were the eventual winners.

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Year 5 Netball Festival at de Stafford (4 images)

In July fourteen girls played in the Year 5 Netball Festival at de Stafford School. The aim of the afternoon was to give next year’s netball teams an opportunity to learn and practise skills and experience match play. The girls participated in four drill sessions on types of pass, footwork, shooting and marking then played against other schools in mini matches.

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Rounders Rally (2 images)

In June, 28 children took part in the local schools’ Rounders Tournament at de Stafford School. The A team played in Pool 1 and the B and C teams in Pool 2. Despite having little practise time due to the recent poor weather, the children played exceptionally well and fought hard to gain rounder’s. The A team came third in Pool 1 and the B team first in Pool 2.

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Olympic Athlete Visits The School (6 images)

In May Deji Tobais visited the school. Deji is a sprinter who has represented Great Britain in the 100m and sprint relay. He gave an inspirational presentation in Collective Worship and reinforced the qualities of dedication, perseverance and commitment to anything we want do well. He delivered a range of activities, which the children (and staff!) loved to perform.

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Year 5 and 6 Gymnastics Competition (2 images)

Well done to our Year 5 and 6 pupils who took part in a gymnastics competition at de Stafford in May. We narrowly missed out on Bronze medals and were placed 4th.

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Gymnastics Competition 2016 (2 images)

Well done to all our gymnasts who came 4th (narrowly missing 3rd place by 0.4 points) in the local schools competition held at de Stafford in February.

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Ancient Greece Workshop 2016 (27 images)

In April, Year 3 children enjoyed an Ancient Greek Workshop where they experienced life as it would have been living in the year 490 BC at the time of the Battle of Marathon.

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Netball - March 2016 (5 images)

Congratulations to our 'A' netball team who have won all their league matches and are therefore league winners.

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World Book Day 2016 (1 images)

Pupils celebrated World Book Day on the 3rd March by dressing up as characters from a book. A parade was held in the hall and pupils were able to show off their fantastic costumes. Pupils also heard extracts from the favourite books of some of our staff.

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St David's Day 2016 (2 images)

In raising awareness of the patron saints of each home county, on St David's Day pupils wore their Cub, Scout, Beaver, Rainbow and Brownie uniforms to school.

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Sensory Room Update - February 2016 (2 images)

Work on our new sensory room continues and we hope that the room will be ready to use within the next few weeks. The pictures show what the finished room will look like.

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Sports Crew Collection - February 2016 (1 images)

A big thank you to all those who kindly donated to the Sports Crew collection. Just over £179 was raised which will be used to purchase swimming hats and new playground equipment.

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Swimming Gala Nov 2015 (1 images)

In November 2015, pupils from the school took part in the Caterham and Warlingham schools swimming gala. Here are members of the team proudly displaying their silver medals.

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School Art Exhibition (4 images)

In October we put on a Harvest art exhibition which included work from every year group. A variety of techniques and media were used including printing, collage, paint, pastel and pencil drawing. The money raised from the purchased art work will go towards the funding for the brand new Sensory Room. This aims to support learning for the children who have special educational needs and difficulties.

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Surrey Youth Games Swimming Finals (1 images)

Children from St John's who represented Tandridge in the Surrey Youth Games Swimming Finals at Guildford University in the Summer Term.

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Ancient Greek Workshop (26 images)

In June 2015, Year 3 pupils took part in an Ancient Greek Workshop to coincide with their learning about The Ancient Greeks. During the workshop the children looked at Ancient Greek artefacts; partook in Greek theatre and re-enacted the battle of Marathon.

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Key Stage 1 End of Year Performance (3 images)

Pupils from Year 1 and Year 2 performing their end of year production, Jonah: A Fishy Tail.

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Cheerleading Club (1 images)

Pupils taking part in Cheerleading Club run by Karen Corps on Thursdays after school.

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Ballet Club (1 images)

Pupils from Year 2 taking part in Ballet Club, which takes place after school on a Thursday.

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Caterham Cricket Club (1 images)

Colin Mico, the coach from Caterham Cricket Club, came to give a talk in Collective Worship regarding joining a local club.

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The Surrey Youth Games (1 images)

In June 2015, pupils from the school took part in The Surrey Youth Games, the largest annual youth sports festival in Surrey which gives young people experience of a competitive, countywide sporting tournament. The games are essentially a mini-Olympic event, where each of the eleven district/boroughs in Surrey compete against each other in a variety of sports. Here are members of our winning team.

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Multi- Skills (5 images)

In June 2015 our Year 3 and 4 pupils came third in a local schools Multi-Skills Festival held at Warlingham School. Our team narrowly missed gaining silver medals by just 2 points. Well done to everyone involved!

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Caterham and Warlingham School Netball Rally (1 images)

On Wednesday 25th March 2015, the ‘A’ Netball Team played in the annual Caterham and Warlingham Netball Rally. Seven teams competed and each played against each other for five minutes. St John’s team played exceptionally well and came equal second on points, with Audley being the winning school.

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Book Character Day (29 images)

On the 20th March we held a 'Book Character Day' where the children and staff dressed up as characters from their favourite books.

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E-Safety Noticeboard (6 images)

As part of our focus on e-safety, the children have produced posters to help embed the message about how to be safe online and how to ensure that their online presence reflects the values that they use in everyday life.

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Sainsbury's School Games Mark (1 images)

In July we were delighted to announce that we had been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Mark, only a year after achieving the Bronze. The Mark rewards schools for their commitment to, and development of, PE, sports clubs and competitions. We have just taken delivery of the award, which is proudly being displayed by our Sports Crew.

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Croydon Museum Visit (19 images)

As part of Year 3's History topic, Croydon Museum visited the school on the 16th January. The children had great fun learning about the history of Croydon during the 1920's/30's and handling artefacts from the past.

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