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Christmas Stamp Competition 2017

St. John's is taking part in the Royal Mail's Christmas Stamp Design Competition 2017.  Your task is to design a stamp that reflects what the Christmas season means to you.

Each entry must be hand drawn by yourself, must be completely your own original work and must not copy any other work. Drawings must be flat, so no collages, materials or textures.

You may use drawing packages on a computer or tablet so long as no part of the design is computer enhanced or generated. So, for instance, the use of clip-art is not allowed. If you choose to use this method, please print out the work and stick it to the entry form space.  

There will be two different Christmas stamp sizes produced in 2017: a large and a small size. It is therefore important that the design can work for both sizes. 

Try and use as much colour as possible and use up as much of the white space in your design as possible. The reason for this is that the actual stamps will have a white border around the winning designs.

Please don't draw The Queen’s silhouette or the value (e.g "1st") symbol within the design area. All we need from you is your individual Christmas design.

Complete the information at the top of the entry form: your full name, age, St. John's C of E Primary School and postcode CR3 6RN. Remember to ask your parent or carer to sign on the right hand side before returning to school.

 All competition entries must be received by Friday 10th March 2017. Please either hand them straight to Miss Peters in classroom 1P or hand in to the office.

The Royal Mail cannot return any entries, so please remember to make a copy of your design before you hand it into school.

Overall winners will receive £1,000 in vouchers for their family, and £1,000 will be awarded to their school. Area winners and schools will each receive £500, and £100 will be awarded to both area runners up and their schools. Winners will be announced by the end of July.

Please click here for the entry form.



Miss Peters

Art and DT Coordinator